Ancient Grains Granola

What is Ancient Grains Granola made from?

Usually Granola is made from oats but not everyone can eat them, especially newly diagnosed coeliacs. On diagnosis coeliacs are told to avoid all oats including gluten free oats for a period of a few months until inflammation in the gut subsides. With this in mind we created our ancient grains granola recipe. The main ingredients are buckwheat, quinoa and millet with rice puffs, coconut, seeds, sultanas, cinnamon treacle and honey.

Can newly-diagnosed coeliacs eat this Granola?

Yes, this is suitable for all coeliacs as it does not contain oats. Oats contain a protein called avenin which a small percentage of coeliacs cannot tolerate. The alternative ingredients in this cereal will not affect you.

Can I use Ancient Grains Granola in other recipes?

This is a delicious breakfast cereal but is also versatile, with a small amount adding delicious crunch to bread, scones, cookies and as a topping for poached pears. Try using Ancient Grains Granola sprinkled on your creamy porridge. It adds a lovely crunch.

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