Cashew Almond & Cinnamon Granola

Is Granola fattening?

On average a portion of our Granola is around 180 calories plus either milk or yoghurt and that is for 40g. On its own in a bowl it doesn’t look very much, but once fruit and yoghurt, containing protein, is added then it is quite filling. Most of us probably are used to pouring much larger portions than that into a bowl as if it was cornflakes. Granola is filling and will keep you full for longer down to the oats, nuts and seeds. Calorie wise it does add up, so we’d recommend adding yoghurt and fruit and measuring out those portions!

What's the best way to eat Granola?

Sprinkled on Greek yoghurt with summer berries is granola at it’s best or a heaped spoonful on a bowl of creamy porridge in wintertime for added crunch and flavour to liven up your healthy breakfast routine.

What's best with Granola - milk or yoghurt?

Granola tastes wonderful with dairy or nut  milk or yoghurt, especially Greek yoghurt. It tends to be more filling with yoghurt because of the protein. How about trying a combination of both?

Can you make Granola Bars from Granola cereal?

You can add nut butter and coconut oil to granola, press very firmly into a tray and chill or freeze, slice up into bars. Using our No Added Sugar granola is an option so that you can add your own sweetener such as honey or for a vegan treat add maple syrup.

Can I use Granola in baking?

Granola is so versatile and is perfect in scones, cookies, muffins, breads, added to crumble toppings, cheesecake bases. It has endless uses and can enhance many bakes or pancakes.