Fig & Almond Muesli

What does Fig & Almond Muesli taste like?

Our Fig and Almond Toasted Muesli is probably our most sophisticated cereal, lightly sweetened by the chewy figs, dates and sultanas and with the earthiness of buckwheat. It is very lightly toasted to enhance the flavours of coconut and bring out the flavours of all of the ingredients. Delicious with ice cold milk.

Is Fig & Almond Muesli high in sugar?

No sugar is added to our Mueslis. The sweetness comes from natural sugars in the figs, sultanas and dates.

Is Muesli high fibre?

All of our cereals are high in fibre from the oats, seeds, nuts and fruits.

How do I store Muesli?

The best way to store Muesli or Granola is to decant it into a cereal container to prevent the air and moisture affecting it. If you haven’t got a cereal container or jar, use a clothes peg or an elastic band to keep it closed. Failing that and you feel your cereal has softened from when you first opened it, why not turn it into overnight oats by soaking in almond milk and yoghurt or add it to baked creations.

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