Keto Bar

What sweetener is used in Keto Bars?

There is no sweetener in our new Pecan and Almond Butter low-carb and keto-friendly bar. We use all natural ingredients which bring their own natural sweetness. No sugars, syrups or so called natural sweeteners in this keto snack.

How many carbs are in the Keto bar?

The bar is 40g and contains just under 3g of carbs making it ideal for anyone on a keto diet.

Is the Keto bar crunchy?

No, the keto bar has a soft slightly moist texture from the almond butter and coconut oil. If you would prefer is slightly firmer then store it in the fridge or freezer even.

Is the Keto Bar filling?

Yes, the bar is filling from the high percentage of nuts to the healthy keto fats from the nuts, seeds and coconut oil. Many customers report having one of these keto bars as a meal replacement. They certainly make a healthy keto snack for travelling or on-the-go.