Keto Bread Mix

I don't know how to bake bread.  How difficult is this to make?

The thoughts of making bread is scary because we have been accustomed to hearing how you need to kneed bread, add yeast, allow it to rise and it all sounds very daunting.Our bread is so easy to make, anyone can do it and it has yet to go wrong for me, and I’m not a confident bread maker!All you do is get your ingredients ready : The bag of bread mix, some water, melted butter that you allow to cool so that it doesn’t cook the next ingredients which are : beaten eggs. You beat the eggs to incorporate a little air which makes your bread lighter. You follow the instructions on the label on the back of the pack, mix ingredients together and then you pour it into a lined medium loaf tin. Why line the tin? So it doesn’t stick or use a silicone loaf tin and then no need to line it.

What ingredients will I need to make Keto bread?

Butter, eggs (4) and water.

How do I store Keto bread?

It stores well in the fridge for about 5 days. Lots of people tell me that they slice the bread once cooled out of the oven and store some in the fridge and the rest in the freezer in ziplock bags. It can be toasted from frozen but might need two ‘goes’ !

What is the texture of this bread like?

It is a medium density bread, not as light as a sliced loaf that you typically find in sandwiches but it’s not as heavy as an Irish soda bread. It’s not cakey or eggy I’m reliably informed by regular customers.

How many slices of bread will this bread mix make?

The 260g bread mix by the time it has the water, eggs and butter added and is baked usually ends up weighing approximately 620g. I slice it fairly thinly as I add lots of toppings, so for me I get 20 slices out of a loaf. A generous slice and you would get 15 or 16 from a loaf.

Will this bread mix kick me out of ketosis?

This bread is low carb and keto friendly and has approximately 1.5 – 2g carbs per slice depending on how thick you slice it. Then you have toppings to add to it. Assuming you keep your toppings very low carb and you keep your daily carb intake low then this should not affect your ketosis however every person is different.

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